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Spring Semester Seminar Series - 2019


ISyE Research Seminar Series

Date Speaker

February 27

Opher Baron
Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Title: Data Driven Forecasting and Revenue Management with Word of Mouth Dependent Reference Prices (pdf)

March 6

Laurens Debo
Dartmouth College

Title: Tipping in Service Systems: The Role of a Social Norm (pdf)

March 27

Qi Zhang
University of Minnesota

Title: Process Systems Engineering Perspective on Adjustable Robust Optimization (pdf)

April 17

Martin Savelsbergh
Georgia Institute of Technology

Title: TBA

April 24

Xuanming Su
University of Pennsylvania

Title: TBA

May 1

Pinar Keskinocak
Georgia Institute of Technology

Title: TBA


Fall Semester Research and Analytics Seminar Series - 2018


ISyE Research Seminar Series

Date Speaker

September 5

IE 8773/4

Mingyi Hong
University of Minnesota

Title: Distributed Non-Convex First-Order Optimization and Information Processing: Lower Complexity Bounds and Rate Optimal Algorithms (pdf)

September 12

IE 8773/4

Kostas Bimpikis
Stanford University

Title: Spatial Pricing in Ride-Sharing Networks (pdf)

September 26

IE 8773/4

Jeanette Song

Duke University

Title: Stock or Print? Impact of 3D Printing on Spare Parts Logistics (pdf)

October 17

IE 8773/4

Henry Lam
Columbia University

Title: Bounding Optimality Gaps via Bagging (pdf)

October 24

IE 8773/4

Sommer Gentry
Naval Academy

Title: Liver Transplant Equity through Redistricting Optimization (pdf)

December 12

IE 8773/4

Patrick Jaillet
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Title: Online Resource Allocation Under Partially Predictable Demand (pdf)



ISyE Analytics Seminar Series

Date Speaker

September 19

IE 5773 MS/Analytics

Alison Cozad

Title: Optimization across ExxonMobil (pdf)

October 3

IE 5773 MS/Analytics

Sean Taylor

Title: Dynamic, Personalized Surveys via Adaptive Matrix Sampling (pdf)

October 10

IE 5773 MS/Analytics

Jason Ford
AQN Strategies

Title: Optimization in Lending: A Real-World Discussion (pdf)

October 31

IE 5773 MS/Analytics

Betsy Enstrom
IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Title: Measuring the Benefit of Revenue Management Software Using Simulation (pdf)

November 14

IE 5773 MS/Analytics

Eric Lind

Metro Transit

Title: Sampling the City: Turning Operational Transit Data into Insights for Planners and Policymakers (pdf)

November 28

IE 5773

Lei Fan

Title: The Application of Optimization Techniques in Power Systems (pdf)

Spring Semester 2018

Date Speaker

February 28

Ivo Adan
Eindhoven University of Technology

Title: Call Center Model with Heterogeneous Reneging Customers (pdf)

March 21

De Liu
University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management

Title: Dynamic Ascending Clock Auction for Privacy-Preserving Assignment (pdf)

April 4

Marco Scarsini
Department of Economics and Finance, LUISS, Rome

Title: When is Selfish Routing Bad? The Price of Anarchy in Light and Heavy Traffic (pdf)

April 11

Joshua Reed
NYU Stern School of Business

Title: Large-scale Bundle Size Pricing: A Theoretical Analysis (pdf)

April 18

Ohad Perry
Northwestern University

Title: TBD

April 25

Anton Kleywegt
Georgia Tech

Title: TBD


Fall Semester 2017

Date Speaker

September 6

Joseph Chow

Title: Models to Operate and Evaluate Mobility-as-a-Service (pdf)

September 13

Jonathan Helm
Arizona State University

Title: A New Operational Framework for Reducing Hospital Readmissions (pdf)

September 27

Jim Dai
Cornell University

Title: Stein's Method for Steady-State Approximations: Error Bounds and Engineering Solutions (pdf)

October 11

Moshe Haviv
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Title: Regulating the Arrival Process to a Queue (pdf)

October 18

Mark Broadie
Columbia University

Title: Golf Analytics (pdf)

November 15

Candace Yano
University of California, Berkeley

Title: Store Brand Positioning and Pricing in the Presence of Retail Competition (pdf)

December 13

Sharad Goel
Stanford University

Title: Algorithmic Decision Making and the Cost of Fairness (pdf)


Spring Semester 2017

Date Speaker

January 25

Jeff Calder
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Title: Coverage, Coarseness and Classification: Determinants of Social Efficiency in Priority Queues (pdf)

February 3
Note time:
(Friday 10:30am)

Ramandeep Randhawa

Title: Scheduling Impatient Customers in Queueing Systems Based on Time in Queue (pdf)

March 1

Kevin Dooley
Arizona State University

Title: The Sustainability Consortium: From Blind Spots to Hot Spots to Action (pdf)

March 22

Andrea Lodi
Polytechnique Montreal

Title: On Big Data, Optimization and Learning (pdf)

April 5

Ronnie Sircar
Princeton University

Title: Energy Prices & Dynamic Games with Stochastic Demand (pdf)

April 12

Ebru Bish
Virginia Tech

Title: Public Health Screening: Challenges and Opportunities (pdf)

April 26

No seminar scheduled for this day

May 3

Jing Dong
Northwestern University

Title: Flexible Workers or Full-Time Employees? On Staffing Service Systems with a Blended Workforce (pdf)


Fall Semester 2016

Date Speaker

September 7

Martin Lariviere
Northwestern University

Title: Coverage, Coarseness and Classification: Determinants of Social Efficiency in Priority Queues (pdf)

September 14

Paul Glasserman
Columbia University

Title: Margin Dynamics (pdf)

September 28

Joel Goh
Harvard University

Title: Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Colorectal Cancer Screening Under Data Uncertainty (pdf)

October 19

Xiuli Chao
University of Michigan

Title: Nonparametric Learning Algorithms for Perishable Inventory Systems (pdf)

November 2

Archis Ghate
University of Washington

Title: Response-guided Dosing (pdf)

November 9

Dimitris Bertsimas

Title: Machine Learning and Statistics via a Modern Optimization Lens (pdf)

November 30

Alireza Khani
University of Minnesota

Title: The For-Profit Dial-a-Ride Problem on a Dynamic Network (pdf)

December 14

Turgay Ayer
Georgia Institute of Technology

Title: Prioritizing Hepatitis C Treatment Decisions in U.S. Prisons (pdf)


Spring Semester 2016

Date Speaker

February 24

John Birge
University of Chicago,
Booth School of Business

Title: Dynamic Learning in Strategic Pricing Games (pdf)

March 23

Terry Taylor
University of California Berkeley,
Haas School of Business

Title: On-Demand Service Platforms (pdf)

April 6

Ramesh Johari
Stanford University

Title: "Always Valid Inference: Bringing Sequential Analysis to A/B Testing" (pdf)

April 13

Guillaume Roels
University of California Los Angeles,
Anderson School of Management

Title: "Pooling Queues with Work-Averse Servers" (pdf)

April 20

Oktay Gunluk

Title: "Cutting Planes from Extended LP Formulations" (pdf)

May 4

Sam Burer
University of Iowa,
Tippie College of Business

Title: "Robust Sensitivity Analysis" (pdf)


Fall Semester 2015

Date Speaker

September 9

Dan Adelman
University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

Title: Dynamic Electricity Pricing for Smart Homes (pdf)

September 16

Ward Whitt
Columbia University

Title: Fitting Queueing Models to Service System Data: What Arrival Process Model is Appropriate (pdf)

September 30

Alper Atamturk
University of California Berkeley

Title: Conic Integer Optimization (pdf)

October 14

Cole Smith
Clemson University

Title: Dynamic Network Interdiction: Bounds and Optimal Algorithms (pdf)

October 28

Jorge Nocedal
Northwestern University

Title: Nonlinear Optimization Methods for Machine Learning (pdf)

November 11

David Simchi-Levi

Title:"Applying Machine Learning in Online Revenue Management" (pdf)

November 18

Amarjit Budhiraja
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Title: "Asymptotically Optimal Control for a Stochastic Network using Solution of a Free Boundary Problem" (pdf)

December 2

Adam Mersereau
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Title: "Optimal Merchandise Testing with Limited Inventory" (pdf)


Spring Semester 2015

Date Speaker

January 28

Hyun-soo Ahn
University of Michigan

Title: Signaling and Incentive Effects of Supplier Awards (pdf)

February 11

Gad Allon
Northwestern University

Title: Managing Service Systems in the Presence of Social Networks (pdf)

February 25

Sven Leyffer
Argonne National Lab

Title: Recent Advances in Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization (pdf)

March 11

Srikanth Jagabathula
New York University

Title: A Model to Estimate Individual Preferences using Panel Data (pdf)

March 25

Mark Ferguson
University of South Carolina

Title: Would You Like to Upgrade to a Premium Room? Evaluating the Benefits of Standby Upgrades (pdf)

April 8

Brian Denton
University of Michigan

Title: Biomarker-Based Screening Strategies for Early Detection of Prostate Cancer (pdf)

April 15

Andrew Schaefer
University of Pittsburgh

Title: How to Value a Prearranged Paired Kidney Exchange? A Stochastic Game Approach (pdf)

April 29

Georgia Perakis

Title: When Data Analytics Meets Promotion Planning (pdf)


Fall Semester 2014

Date Speaker

September 10

Jon Lee
University of Michigan
Title: Quo Vadis MINLP? (pdf)

September 24

Huseyin Topaloglu
Cornell University
Title: Revenue Management Under Markov Chain Choice Model (pdf)

October 8

Nick Hall
Ohio State University
Title: Project Management: A Research Agenda and Resolving Parkinson's Law (pdf)

October 22

Goker Aydin
Indiana University
Title: Bargaining for an Assortment (pdf)

October 29

Joel Sokol
Georgia Tech

Title: Frontiers in Sports Analytics: Randomness vs. Uncertainty (pdf)

November 19

Noah Gans
University of Pennsylvania

Title: Accounting for Arrival-Rate Uncertainty in Call-Center Scheduling (pdf)

December 3

Tim Huh
University of British Columbia

Title: Pricing under the Nested Attraction Model with a Multi-stage choice structure (pdf)

ISyE Special Seminar

September 9
11 AM

Awi Federgruen
Columbia University

Title: Price Competition under Subsidization: Applications to Medicare Reform (pdf)

November 17
3:30 PM

Niyazi Taneri
Singapore University of Technology & Design

Title: Licensing Contracts: Control Rights and Options (pdf)


Spring Semester 2014

Date Speaker

January 29

Chaitanya Bandi
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
Title: Tractable Analysis of the Transient Behavior of Multi-Server Queues (pdf)

February 12

Chris Ryan
University of Chicago
Title: Duality Theory via Fourier-Motzkin Elimination (pdf)

February 26

Peng Sun
Duke University
Title: Analyzing Scrip Systems (pdf)

March 12

Omar Besbes
Columbia University
Title: Auctions for Online Display Advertising Exchanges: Approximations and Design (pdf)

March 26

Sanjay Mehrotra
Northwestern University

Title: Models and Methods for Moment Robust Decision Making (pdf)

April 16

Ying-Ju Chen
University of California, Berkeley

Title: Targeting and Sequential Launching in Social Networks (pdf)

April 30

Peter Glynn
Stanford University

Title: Creating Unbiased Monte Carlo Schemes from Biased Ones: Theory and Applications (pdf)

ISyE Special Seminar

June 6
11 AM

Xiaolin Li
Carlson School of Management--University of Minnesota

Title: The "Shadow of the Future" in IT Procurement Bids


Fall Semester 2013

Date Speaker

September 11

Jiawei Zhang
New York University School of Business
Title: Process Flexibility: A Distribution-Free Bound on the Performance of K-Chain (pdf)

September 25

Eva Enns
University of Minnesota School of Public Health
Title: Link Removal for Epidemic Control over Networks (pdf)

October 16
Time Change:
3:00 PM

Eva Lee
Georgia Tech College of Engineering
Title: Personalized Treatment Design: Application to Cervical Cancer (pdf)

October 30

Jeff Linderoth
University of Wisconsin College of Engineering
Title: Quadratic Programs with On-Off Constraints (pdf)

November 6

Sid Resnick
Cornell University School of Operations Research
Title: Heavy Tailed Statistics for Modeling Data Network Sessions (pdf)

November 20


Gustavo Vulcano
New York University Stern School of Business
Title: A Market Discovery Algorithmto Estimate a General Class of Non-parametric Choice Models (pdf)

December 4

Morton O'Kelly
Ohio State University Department of Geography
Title: The Role of Fixed Costs in the Design of Optimal Transportation Hub Networks (pdf)

ISyE Special Seminar

October 10
1:00 - 2:30 PM
ME 4125A & B

Professor Sumit Kunnumkal
Indian School of Business
Title: Piecewise-linear Approximations for Network Revenue Management (pdf)


Spring Semester 2013

Date Speaker

January 30

Sheldon Jacobson, Ph.D.
Program Director, Operations Research, Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation, National Science Foundation
Title: Operations Research Funding at the National Science Foundation (pdf)

February 13

Ming Hu
Asst. Professor of Operations Management, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
Title: Price Competition in Sequential Multi-Product Oligopolies (pdf)

February 27

Daniel Ding
Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia

March 13

Marvin Nakayama
Professor, Computer Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Title: Efficient Simulation of Resk and Its Error: Confidence Intervals for Quantiles When Using Variance-Reduction Techniques (pdf)

April 17

David Yao
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Columbia University
Title: Resources Control in Stochastic Networks (pdf)

April 24


Thomas Rohleder, Ph.D.
Division of Health Care Policy Research, Department of Health Sciences Research, Mayo Clinic
Title: Applications of Operations Research and Analytics at Mayo Clinic (pdf)

May 1

Nan Liu
Department of Heath Policy and Management, Columbia University
Title: Appointment Scheduling Under Patient Preference and No-Show Behavior (pdf)

May 8

Edwin Romeijn, Ph.D.
Program Director, Manufacturing Enterprise Systems and Service Enterprise Systems, Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation, National Science Foundation
Title: Funding Opportunities at the National Science Foundation in Manufacturing and Service Enterprise Systems (pdf)


Fall Semester 2012

Date Speaker

September 12

Damian Beil
University of Michigan
Title: The Role of Cost in Competitive Bid Procurement (pdf)

September 26

David Stanford
University of Western Ontario
Title: Addressing Waiting Time Inconsistencies in Transplantation (pdf)

October 10

Uday Shanbhag
University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
Title: The Analysis and Solution of Stochastic Variational Inequality Problems (pdf)

October 24

Maqbool Dada
Johns Hopkins University
Title: Designing Cyclic Schedules for Outpatient Appointments in an Academic Medical Center (pdf)

November 7

Vidyadhar Kulkarni
University of North Carolina

November 28

Volodymyr Babich
Georgetown University
Title: Should Buyers use Procurement Service Providers when Sppliers have Private Information about Supply Disruptions?(pdf)


Spring Semester 2012

Date Speaker

February 8

Sameer Kumar
Opus College of Business, University of St. Thomas
Title: "Managing the Health Care Supply Chain" (pdf)

February 22

Steven Brams
New York University
Title: "Mathematics and Democracy: Designing Better Voting and Fair-Division Procedures" (pdf)

March 7

Asaaf Zeevi
Columbia University
Title: "Oblivious Dynamic Pricing" (pdf)

March 28

Kevin Leder
University of Minnesota
Title: "Analysis of a Splitting Estimator for Rare Event Probabilities in Jackson Networks" (pdf)

April 11

John Semple
Cox School of Business
"Price Distributions, Store Sequencing, and Opportunistic Shopping Behavior" (pdf)

April 25

Mariel Lavieri
University of Michigan
Title: " Forecasting and Control Algorithms to Improve Monitoring of Glaucoma Progression" (pdf)

May 2

Ilker Birbil
MSIE Program, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey
Title: "Simultaneious Column-and-Row Generation for Large-Scale Linear Programs with Column-Dependent-Rows" (pdf)

May 4

11:00 AM
ME 3125

Jingchen Liu
Columbia University
Title: "State-dependent Rare-event Simulation for Heavy-tailed Multi-server Queues" (pdf)


Fall Semester 2011

Date Speaker

September 21

Professor Sergei Savin
Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Title: Physician Workload and Hospital Reimbursement: Overworked Servers Generate Lower Income (pdf)

October 5

Professor Burhan Sandikçi
Booth School of Business of the University of Chicago
Title: Value of the Waiting List Information in Liver Transplant Decision-Making(pdf)

October 19

Professor Vedat Verter
McGill University
Title: Analytical Approaches for the Design and Operation of Stroke Units (pdf)

November 9

Professor Lisa Maillart
Swanson School of Engineering of the University of Pittsburgh
Title: Optimal Decision-Making in Liver Allocation and Transplantation (pdf)

November 30

Professor Mark Van Oyen
University of Michigan
Title: Reducting Waiting Time in Emergency Departments: Flow Redesign to Harness Operational Triage Information(pdf)

December 7

Professor Mili Mehrotra
Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
Title: Efficient Distribution of Water Between Head-Reach and Tail-End Farms in Developing Countries (pdf)


Special Seminar 2011

Date Speaker

September 16
2:00 PM
ME 4125

Dr. Ilan Lobel
New York University
Title: Optimal Multi-Period Pricing with Service Guarantees (pdf)


Spring Semester 2011

Date Speaker
February 9 Danko Turcic, Olin School of Business, Washington University
Title: Risk-Aversion Happens: Why Risk-Neutral Manufacturers Ought to Hedge Commodity Material Purchses (pdf)
February 23 Henry Liu, Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota
Title: Understanding the Day-to-Day Traffic Evolution Process after an Unexpected Network Disruption: Empirical Observations and Theoretical Models (pdf)
March 9 Russ Meller, University of Arkansas
Title: Innovative Aisle Configurations for Unit-Load Warehouses (pdf)
March 23 Larry Robinson, Cornell University
Title: Sequencing and Scheduling Appointments with Potential Call-In Patients (pdf)
April 6 Srinivas Bollapragada, GE Research
Title: A Novel Movement-Planning Algorithm for Dispatching Trains on Rail Networks (pdf)
April 20 William Cooper, University of Minnesota
Title: On the Use of "Buy Up" as a Model of Customer Choice in Revenue Management (pdf)
May 4 Xuanming Su, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Bandwagon Effects Can Cause Persistent Stockouts of New Products (pdf)


Special Seminar

Date Speaker
April 13 Dr. Russell Barton, NSF Program Director for Service and Manufacturing Enterprise Engineering Programs
Title: Manufacturing Enterprise Systems and Service Enterprise Systems Research: Topics and Winning Strategies (pdf)


Fall Semester 2010

Date Speaker
September 15 Nicola Secomandi, Tepper School of Business,Carnegie Mellon
"An Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach to Benchmark Practice-Based Heuristics for Natural Gas Storage Valuation" (pdf)
September 29 Joseph Mitchell, SUNY Stonybrook
"Computational Geometry Approaches to Some Algorithmic Problems in Air Traffic Management (pdf)
October 13 Vivek Farias, MIT
"A New Approach to Modeling Choice" (pdf)
October 27 Don Eisenstein, University of Chicago
"Self-Equalizing Headways Reduce Bus-Bunching"(pdf)
November 3 Robert Haight, US Forest Service Northern Research Station
"Fifty Years of OR in Forestry"(pdf)
November 17 Steve Gilbert, University of Texas, Austin
"Durable Products, Time Inconsistency, and Lock-In" (pdf)
December 15 Julia Higle, Ohio State University
"Optimization when Uncertainty Matters...Some SP Basics"


Special Seminar

Date Speaker
October 20 Alexandar Angelus, Singapore Management University,
Lee Kong Chian School of Business
"Managing Capacitated Multiechelon Systems with Domain-Optimal Policies" (pdf)


Spring Semester 2010

January 27 Dr. David Levinson
Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota
Title: The Fall and Rise of the I-35W Mississippi River Bridge
February 10 Dr. Amy Wilson
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
Title: Room for IE at a Health Insurance Plan
February 24 Dr. William (Bill) Sudderth
Statistics Department, University of Minnesota
March 24 Dr. Ravindra K. Ahuja
University of Florida
Title: Determining Optimal Network and Linehaul Schedule for Less-than-Truckload (LTL) Carriers
April 7 Dr. Mahesh Nagarajan
Business School, University of British Columbia
Title: Dynamic Stable Alliance Structures in Supply Chains
April 21 Dr. Retsef Levi
Sloan School, MIT
Title: Non-Parametric Data-Driven Policies for Stochastic Inventory Control Models
May 5 Dr. Edwin Romaeijn
IOE, University of Michigan
Title:Supply Chain Planning Problems with Market Choice

Fall Semester 2009

Sept 16 Dr. Amy Wilson
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota
Room for IE at a health insurance plan
Sept 30 Baris Ata
Northwestern University
A Broader View of Designing the Liver Allocation System
Oct 7 John Carlsson
Univeristy of Minnesota
Map Segmentation Algorithms and their Applications
Oct 28 Johg-Shi Pang
Univeristy of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Four Modeling Paradigms in Mathematical Programming
Nov 11 Max Shen
University of California, Berkeley
Nov 18 Pinar Keskinocak
Georgia Tech
Two Applications of OR/MS in Health Care
Nov 30 Donald P. Gaver
Professor, Naval Postgraduate School
Some Operational Research Issues in System Testing
Dec 2 Kingshuk K. Sinha, Carlson School of Management
University of Minnesota
Product Integration in Distributed Technology Projects: The Impact of Design-Interface Misalignment on Project Performance

Spring Semester 2009

Feb. 11 Jiheng Zhang
University of Minnesota
Parallel Service Systems with General Service Time Distributions
Feb. 25 Garud Iyengar
Columbia University
Robust Portfolio Selection
Mar. 4 Nigel Wilson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Use of Automated Data Collection Systems to Improve Transit System Performance
Mar. 11 Elif Tokar-Erdemir
University of Minnesota
Location-Coverage Models with Demand Originating from Nodes and Paths: Applications to Cellular Networks and Emergency Medical Services
April 29 Paat Rusmevichientong
Cornell University
Linearly Parameterized Bandits
May 6 Laurens Debo
University of Chicago
Stock-Outs and Customer Purchasing Behavior when Product Quality is Uncertain

Fall Semester 2008

Sep. 10 Barry L. NelsonNorthwestern University
Industrial Strength COMPASS for Optimizing Simulated Systems
Oct. 22 Goutam Dutta
IIM Ahmedabad
A Multi-Period Optimization Based Decision Support System for Strategic Planning in Process Industries
Oct. 29 Fikri Karaesmen
Koc University
Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing in Production/Inventory Systems: Some Structural Properties and Parameter Effects
Nov. 5 Tony Haitao Cui
University of Minnesota
An Experimental Investigation of Risk-Pooling Effect
Nov. 12 Henry Liu
University of Minnesota
Uncovering the Traffic Equilibration Process after Network Disruption
Dec. 3 Joseph C. Hartman
University of Florida
Equipment Replacement under Uncertainties

Spring Semester 2008

Jan. 30 William L. Cooper
University of Minnesota
Demand Estimation and Pricing with Models that do not Explicitly Account for Competition
Feb. 27 Ozalp Ozer
Stanford University
An Integrated Framework to Optimize Dynamic Time-to-Market and Production Decisions
Mar. 4 Matthew R. Shrag
Northwest Airlines
The Science of Revenue Management at Northwest Airlines (Or Our Attempt at It)
Mar. 12 Shane Henderson
Cornell University
Ambulance Location and Relocation
Mar. 26 Mihailo Jovanovic
University of Minnesota
Turbulence Suppression in Channel Flows by Small Amplitude Transverse Wall Oscillations
Apr. 23 Michael Fu
University of Maryland
A Model Reference Adaptive Search Method for Global Optimization

Fall Semester 2007

Sep. 12 Lisa Miller
Target Corporation
Space Optimization at Target Corporation
Sep. 20 Shaun Kennedy
University of Minnesota
Food System Defense: A Systems Based Approach to Reducing Catastrophic Risk
Oct. 17 Oualid Jouini
Ecole Centrale Paris
Modeling Call Centers with Delay Information
Dec. 5 Zhi-Quan (Tom) Luo
University of Minnesota
Optimal Spectrum Management: Complexity, Duality and Approximation
Dec. 12 Haresh Gurnani
University of Miami
Effect of Inspection Policy on Quality Investment and Pricing Decisions in Supply Chains

Spring Semester 2007

Feb. 2 Robin Roundy
Cornell University
Provably Near-Optimal Sampling-Based Policies for Stochastic Inventory Control Models
Mar. 28 Kartik K. Sivaramakrishnan
North Carolina State University
A Parallel Conic Interior Point Decomposition Approach for Block-Angular Semidefinite Programs
Apr. 25 Michael C. Ferris
University of Wisconsin
Optimization Modeling: Recent Enhancements And Future Extensions

Fall Semester 2006

Sep. 27 Anton J. Kleywegt
Georgia Institute of Technology
Models of the Effect of Spot Market Efficiency on Longer Term Contracts
Oct. 25 Sridhar Seshadri
New York University
Optimal Timing of Inventory Decisions Using Options

Spring Semester 2006

Feb. 15 Ger Koole
Vrije Universiteit
Planning in Customer Contact Centers
Mar. 29 Marcia McNutt
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Challenges and Rewards of Engineering for the Ocean
Apr. 26 Francois Sainfort
Georgia Institute of Technology
The Health Systems Institute: A Georgia Tech/Emory University Collaborative Initiative
Jun. 13 Samir Elhedhli
University of Waterloo
Make-to-Order Supply Chain Design for Response Time Sensitive Markets

Fall Semester 2005

Sep. 14 Mark R. Henderson
Arizona State University at the Polytechnic Campus
Globalizing the Engineering Student
Sep. 21 Otis Jennings
Duke University
Large-Scale Membership Services
Oct. 19 David Morton
University of Texas at Austin
Stochastic Network Interdiction of Nuclear Material Smuggling
Nov. 9 Stephen C. Graves
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Strategic Inventory Placement in Supply Chains: Recent Developments and New Directions
Nov. 17 Andrew P. Sage
George Mason University
Systems Engineering and Systems Management: Intellectual Content (ISyE Day Keynote Talk)

Spring Semester 2005

Feb. 16 Rajan Suri
University of Wisconsin
POLCA: The Material Control Strategy for Low-Volume and Custom-Engineered Products
Feb. 23 Jane C. Ammons
Georgia Institute of Technology
Reverse Production Systems: Models and Insights
Mar. 10 Anne M. Campbell
University of Iowa
The Probabilistic Traveling Salesman Problem with Deadlines
Mar. 30 Ton G. de Kok
Eindhoven University of Technology
Operational Planning and Control of Value Networks: A Paradigm Shif?
Apr. 22 William A. Massey
Princeton University
A Dynamical Systems Analysis for Stochastic Models of Call Centers
Apr. 27 J. George Shanthikumar
University of California, Berkeley
Stochastic Dynamic Optimization with Model Uncertainty and Learning
May 5 Abhijit Deshmukh
National Science Foundation
The Manufacturing Enterprise System (MES) Program at NSF: Funding Opportunities and New Initiatives

Fall Semester 2004

Sep. 23 Dennis E. Blumenfeld
General Motors Research and Development Center
Research and Analytical Modeling Applications to Obtain Robust Solutions in the Automotive Industry
Nov. 17 Gerard Cachon
University of Pennsylvania
Obtaining Fast Service in a Queueing System via Performance-Based Allocation of Demand
Dec. 2 Stephanie Snyder
USDA Forest Service
A Scenario Optimization Model to Support Habitat Preservation Decisions Under Uncertainty
Dec. 15 Rene Caldentey
New York University
Online Auction and List Price Revenue Management

Spring Semester 2004

Feb. 4 Andrew J. Mille
University of Wisconsin
Solving MRP Production Planning Problems by Mixed Integer Programming
Feb. 18 Richard F. Serfozo
Georgia Institute of Technology
Response Times in M/M/s Fork-Join Networks
Mar. 24 Seyed M. R. Iravani
Northwestern University
Workforce Agility in Production and Service Operations Systems
Apr. 2 Brian Denton
IBM Microelectronics Division
Optimization of IBM's Semiconductor Supply Chain
Apr. 14 Kyle Y. Lin
Virginia Tech
A Sequential Dynamic Pricing Model and Its Applications

Fall Semester 2003

Sep. 24 Mark E. Lewis
University of Michigan
Applications of Markov Decision Processes to Queueing Control
Nov. 19 Garrett J. van Ryzin
Columbia University
Towards Choice-Based Revenue Management

Spring Semester 2003

Mar. 6 K. Karen Yin
University of Minnesota
Applications of Statistics and Stochastic Systems Theory in Real World Problems: A Few Examples
Mar. 13 Suresh P. Sethi
University of Texas at Dallas
Periodic Review Inventory Model with Three Delivery Modes and Forecast Updates
Apr. 10 Ronald L. Rardin
Purdue University and National Science Foundation
Optimization of Radiation Beam Cancer Therapy and Engineering the Service Sector
Apr. 17 Francis de Vericourt
Duke University
Allocation of Supply Contracts with Service Guarantees
Apr. 23 Robert A. Shumsky
University of Rochester
Dynamic Capacity Management with Substitution
May 7 Rachel T. A. Croson
University of Pennsylvania
Behavioral Causes of the Bullwhip Effect and the Effects of Information-Sharing on Supply Chain Efficiency

Fall Semester 2002

Sep. 3 Yigal Gerchak
Tel Aviv University
Capacity Games in Decentralized Assembly Systems with Uncertain Demand
Sep. 19 Maurice Queyranne
University of British Columbia
Smith's Ratio Rule in Minsum Scheduling
Sep. 24 Paul H. Zipkin
Duke University
Supply-Chain Management: Interpretations, Reflections and Predictions
Oct. 4 Maria Gini
University of Minnesota
Multi-Agent Contracting for Tasks with Temporal and Precedence Constraints
Oct. 23 Xiuli Chao
North Carolina State University
Periodic-Review Inventory Systems Under Supply Capacity Contract
Oct. 30 Jeannette Song
University of California at Irvine
On Measuring Supplier Performance under Vendor-Managed-Inventory Programs
Nov. 6 Mark Daskin
Northwestern University
Designing Robust and Reliable Supply Chains
Dec. 12 Karen L. Donohue
University of Minnesota
Service Differentiation for Weapon System Service Parts: Empirical Findings and Policy Recommendations

Spring Semester 2002

Apr. 3 Robert Fourer
Northwestern University
Optimization As An Internet Resource
Apr. 10 Matthew J. Sobel
Case Western Reserve University
Fill Rates Of Single-Stage And Multi-Stage Supply Systems
May 1 Shaler Stidham
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Pricing and Congestion Management in a Network with Heterogeneous Users

Fall Semester 2001

Oct. 3 John A. Buzacott
York University
Manufacturing System Performance Analysis: History and Prospects
Oct. 31 John D. Lee
University of Iowa
Distractions and Attractions: Considering the Effect of Emerging In-Vehicle Technology on Driving Safety
Dec. 5 David Wu
Lehigh University
Modeling Electronic Market Intermediation in the Supply Chain

Spring Semester 2001

Jan. 31 William L. Cooper
University of Minnesota
Revenue Management and Markov Decision Processes
Mar. 7 Diwakar Gupta
University of Minnesota
Semi-Finished Product Design and Inventory Deployment to Improve Delivery Performance of Integrated Steel Mills
Apr. 4 Caroline Hayes
University of Minnesota
Intelligent Decision Support: Present and Future Keys to the Information Processing Bottleneck
Apr. 18 Benoit Montreuil
University of Laval
Factory Design: The Emerging Challenges

Fall Semester 2000

Sep. 13 Jennifer Alexander
University of Minnesota
Ergonomics In Crisis: Ergonomics and Business In the Dark Days of Germany's Collapse, 1929-1932
Nov. 15 Sven Axsate
Lund University
Ordering Systems for Multi-Echelon Inventory Control
Dec. 6 Fikri Karaesmen
Ecole Centrale de Paris
On the Value of Advance Demand Information In Make-To-Stock Production Systems
Dec.13 Candace Yano
University of California at Berkeley
Production Line Selection and Pricing Decisions with Make-To-Order and Make-To-Stock Alternatives

Spring Semester 2000

Jan. 26 Ravi Anupindi
Northwestern University
Consumer Demand with Stock-out Based Substitution: Estimation and Empirical Application
Mar. 8 Christine M. Mitchell
Georgia Institute of Technology
Beyond HCI: Model-Based Design of Human-Interaction with Complex Systems Using the Operator Function Model and OFMspert
May 3 Gilbert Laporte
Ecole des Hautes Tudes Commerciales
The Political Districting Problem

Fall Semester 1999

Oct. 13 Pius Egbelu
Iowa State University
Operational Analysis of Storage Carousel with Independently Controlled Rotary Racks
Oct. 20 John R. Birge
Northwestern University
Real Options and Their Use in Evaluating Capital Investments
Dec.1 Philip J. Smith
Ohio State University
The Dissemination of Tribal Knowledge in the National Aviation System
Dec. 15 Mark L. Spearman
Georgia Institute of Technology
Lot Sizing Models to Minimize Cycle Time

Winter Quarter 1999

Feb. 10 Sant R. Arora
University of Minnesota
Optimization of Systems with many Inter-Dependent Subsystems Functioning Independently

Fall Quarter 1998

Nov. 18 Caroline C. Hayes
University of Minnesota
Improving Automated Process Planning: Addressing the "Chicken-and-the-Egg Set-Up/Fixture" Dilemma

Spring Quarter 1998

Apr. 8 Chung-Yee Lee
Texas A&M University
Machine Scheduling in Liquid Crystal Display Manufacturing
May 20 Izak Duenyas
University of Michigan
Optimal Admission Control and Sequencing in a Make-To-Stock/Make-To-Order Production System
May 27 Peter A. Hancock
University of Minnesota
Safety and the Intelligent Vehicle Interface: One Face of Cognitive Systems Engineering

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