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Assistant Professor Guangwen (Crystal) Kong

Crystal Kong

Ph.D., 2013, Operations Management, University of Southern California
M.S., 2008, Operations Research, Fudan University
B.S., 2005, Mathematics, Shandong University

Office: Lind Hall 352
Phone: 612-624-6610
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My research interests are strategic and behavioral decision making in the area of Supply Chain Management, Service Operations, Marketplace Innovation and Sharing Economy.

Selected Publications and Working Papers


  1. Revenue Sharing and Information Leakage in a Supply Chain, 2013. with Sampath Rajagopalan and Hao Zhang. Management Science, 59(3), 556-572.
    - The 2011 POMS Best Student Paper Competition, Finalist.
    - Accepted for MSOM Conference 2011
  2. Contract Design by Service Providers with Private Effort, with Hao Zhang and Sampath Rajagopalan. Forthcoming in Management Science.
    - Accepted for MSOM Conferences 2014
  3. Peer-to-Peer Product Sharing: Implications for Ownership, Usage and Social Welfare in the Sharing Economy, with Saif Benjaafar, Xiang Li and Costas Courcoubetis. Forthcoming in Management Science.
    - The 2016 POMS-HK Best Student Paper Competition, Finalist (Xiang Li)
    - Accepted for MSOM Conference 2015
  4. Information Leakage in Supply Chain, 2017. with Sampath Rajagopalan and Hao Zhang. Handbook of Information Exchange in Supply Chain Management (eds. Albert Ha and Christopher Tang), 313-341.
  5. Analysis of On Demand Ride Hailing Systems. wtih Guiyun Feng and Zizhuo Wang. 2018, Sharing Economy: Making Supply Meet Demand , Ming Hu (Ed.), in Springer Series in Supply Chain Management , Christopher Tang (Series Ed.).
  6. Peer-to-Peer Product Sharing in the Sharing Economy. with Saif Benjaafar, Xiang Li and Costas Courcoubetis. 2018, Sharing Economy: Making Supply Meet Demand, Ming Hu (Ed.), in Springer Series in Supply Chain Management , Christopher Tang (Series Ed.).


Working Paper:

  1. Pricing Diagnosis-Based Services When Customers Exhibit Sunk Cost Bias, with Sampath Rajagopalan and Chunyang Tong. Under revision.
    - Accepted for MSOM Conference 2015
  2. All Gains, No Pain? Optimal Promotion Strategies with Delay Sensitive Customers. Prepare for Revision and Resubmission.
    - Accepted for MSOM Conferences 2014
  3. We Are on the Way: Analysis of On Demand Ride-Hailing Systems with Zizhuo Wang and Guiyun Feng. Under revision.
    - The 2017 CSAMSE Annual Conferences Best Paper Award, Honorable Mention
    - Accepted for Service SIG Conference 2017
  4. Is Simplicity the Ultimate Sophistication? Wholesale Pricing v.s. Non-Linear Pricing. with Tony Cui and Behrooz Pourghannad.
    - Accepted for MSOM Conference 2017


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