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Associate Professor Kevin Leder

Kevin Leder

Ph.D., 2008, Applied Mathematics, Brown University
Sc.M., 2005, Applied Mathematics, Brown University
B.E., 2002, Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado, Boulder

Office: ME 130
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My research interests have centered around the study of rare events in Markov processes, the relationship between stochastic simulation and probability theory, and stochastic process models arising in queueing systems and population biology. I am extremely interested in stochastic process models of cancer evolution, and the use of these models to investigate important biological questions regarding the initiation, progression and treatment of cancer.


Spatial Moran models II (with R. Durrett and J. Foo), submitted (2012).

Mathematical modeling of proneural glioblastoma reveals optimized radiation dosing schedules (with K. Pitter, E. Holland, F. Michor and et al), submitted (2012).

Importance sampling for stochastic recurrence equations with heavy tailed innovations (with J. Blanchet and H. Hult), submitted (2012).

Cancer as a moving target (with J. Foo and S. Mumenthaler), accepted Evolutionary Applications (2012)

Dynamics of Cancer Recurrence (with J. Foo), accepted Annals of Applied Probability (2012)

On Lyapunov inequalities and subsolutions for efficient importance sampling (with J. Blanchet and P. Glynn), ACM TOMACS (2011).

Evolutionary modeling of combination strategies to over-come resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors in non-small cell lung cancer (with J. Foo and et al), Molecular Pharmaceutics (2011)

Diversity in pre-existing resistance to BCR-ABL inhibitors in chronic myeloid leukemia (with J. Foo, B. Skaggs, M.E. Gorre, C. Sawyers, and F. Michor), PLOS ONE (2011).

Heterogeneity in tumors with random mutational advances (with R. Durrett, J. Foo, J. Mayberry and F. Michor), Genetics (2010).

Analysis of a splitting estimator for rare event probabilities in Jackson Networks (with J. Blanchet and Y. Shi), Stochastic Systems (2011).

The therapeutic implications of plasticity of the cancer stem cell phenotype (with E. Holland and F. Michor), PLOS ONE (2010).

Stochastic dynamics of cancer initiation (with J. Foo and F. Michor), Physical Biology (2010).

Evolutionary dynamics of tumor progression with random fitness values (with R. Durrett, J. Foo, J. Mayberry, and F. Michor) Theoretical Population Biology (2010).

Strongly efficient algorithms for light-tailed random walks: An old folk song sung to a faster new tune... (with J. Blanchet and P. Glynn) Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods (2009).

Importance sampling for the weighted serve the longest queueing policy (with P. Dupuis and H. Wang) Mathematics of Operations Research (2009).

On the Large Deviations Properties of the Weighted-Serve-the-Longest Queue Policy (with P. Dupuis and H. Wang) Progress in Probability (2008).

Large deviations and importance sampling for a tandem network with slow-down. (with P. Dupuis and H. Wang) Queueing Systems (2007).

Importance sampling for sums of random variables with regularly varying tails (with P. Dupuis and H. Wang) ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation (2007).


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