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Past Members

Fei Li

Ph.D. (2014)
Performance Improvement Advisor
Hennepin County Medical Center

Yilong Liang

MS IE (2014)
Ph.D. Student
Calson School of Management

Jia Liu

MS IE (2014)

Sang-Phil Kim

PostDoc. (2012-13)
Visiting Assistant Prof.
Purdue University

Zhi Zhang

MS IE (2013)

Atri Mahapatra

MS IE (2013)
Business Consultant
Ortec Consulting Group

Bryan Anderson

MS IE (2013)
Industrial Engineer
Supervalu Inc.

Michael G. McTigue

MS IE (2013)
Industrial Engineer
Federal Mogul

Wen-Ya Wang

MS IE (2008), Ph.D. (2012)
Assistant Professor
San Jose State University

Justin Azadivar

PostDoc. (2010-11)

Hao-Wei Chen

Ph.D. (2011), PostDoc. (2011-12)

Christine Tupy

MS IE (2011)
Business Analyst
Optum Health

Wei Xiong

PostDoc. (2010-11)

Elif Tokar Erdemir

PostDoc. (2009)
Research Scientist
Savvysherpa, LLC

Amy Peterson

MS IE (2009)
Quality Engineer

Jiheng Zhang

Pre-Doctoral Fellow (2008-09)
Assistant Professor
Department of Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Dustin Kuchera

MS IE (2008)
Mayo Clinic
Systems and Procedures Department

Kannapha Amaruchkul

Ph.D. (2007)
Graduate Program in Decision Technology and Management
School of Applied Statistics
National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand

Fajarrani Surya

MS IE (2007)

Lei Wang

Ph.D. (2006)
Algorithm Design Engineer
SmartOps, PA, USA

Tim Holtz

MS IE (2004)

N. Selvaraju

PostDoc. (2001-03)
Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematics
Indian Institute of Technology Guahati

Ramesh G. Kini

PostDoc. (2002)
Chair, Department of Business Administration
KIMEP, Kazakhstan

Waressara Weerawat

Ph.D. (2002)
Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering
Mahidol University, Thailand

Thorkell Magnusson

MS IE(2001)
Kaupthing, hf (investment bank), Iceland

Yingdong Mu

MS IE(2001)
Inventory Analyst, Caterpillar

Ana Agostini

MS IE(2001)
Staff Consultant
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young



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